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TRAD Worm Industries has improved the distribution of their worms using Worm Bag EcoSystems. These EcoSystems have a proprietary  substrate that helps the worms survive and even thrive and during transportation and bed transference. The substrate nurtures all life-stages of the worms (Eisenia fetida). TRAD is committed to reducing landfilled organics and supporting soil health. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

*Worms are exclusively available through the purchase of Worm Bag EcoSystems.


TRAD Eco Bags are available in two weight options:

  • 2L Eco Bags - $50 

    including 300 - 400 Red Wigglers homed in 2L of TRAD certified optimal quality substrate.

  • 4L Eco Bags - $80 

    including 600 - 700 Red Wigglers homed in 4L of TRAD certified optimal quality substrate.

*Eco Bags include Wigglers of all life-stages (cacoons, adolescents, adults)

*All prices are listed CAN and subject to additional GST charges

Worm Bag EcoSystem



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