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About Us

T.R.A.D. Worm Industries Ltd is committed to providing the best natural products for your growing needs. Our micro-biologically diverse castings are lab tested to ensure that your plants are getting everything they need while safeguarding local pets and children.

We are unique in our ability to fill large scale orders. Our specially designed system allows us to bring this organic plant superfood to landscapers and reclamation contractors affordably. Our placement design allows for seed protection, moisture retention, and continuous slow-release nutrient delivery for over two years. That means you can place it and forget it.

T.R.A.D. Worm Industries is a Woman-Led company. Our leader is passionate about science and passionate about keeping organic waste and repurposable materials out of landfills. Our mission is to provide safe, organic, effective, and affordable alternatives for growers and contractors who share our Green values.


The Truth About Vermicast

Roxanne Doerksen discovered the benefits of worm castings when she was looking for a natural and organic project to do with her kids, since 1998.


Roxanne grew up a farm girl and has a strong connection with the land. Protecting the land by keeping compostable refuse out of the landfill was a 'no-brainer' for her. The added advantage of providing growers with high-quality soil amendment was the added benefit that made Roxanne take the plunge to create T.R.A.D. worm industries. The truth is vermicast products are not just mulch or fertiliser. They provide valuable nutrients in a form that your plants need without any effort required to transform those nutrients into a form the plants can use.

That's why we call it superfood!!

Roxanne Doerksen

CEO, T.R.A.D Worm Industries LTD.

Sometimes life gives us moments of lemony snickets and that is how TRAD Industries LTD was born. When our daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease we were looking for an alternative way to deal with pain and CBD oil seemed to be the answer. After looking into the manufacturing practices, I found that inorganic fertilisers were the standard. We realized that there had to be a more natural way. With some searching, I found that the University of Michigan was doing research into growing mediums and found that worm castings were excellent at amending soil. I was hooked. I have had a worm bed in our house since 1998 as a way to deal with our household compost so now I just needed to scale it up. We managed to do just that, which is where we are today. We are developing technology with Medicine Hat College. Programs to develop new ways to track, recover data, and promote waste stream diversion and utilize this “garbage” so that it is a valuable feedstock for worms. The castings (worm manure) is now a highly regarded soil amendment that brings biology back into the soil. How cool is that! We are so grateful that, out of an awful life circumstance, we have the opportunity to create something wonderful.


Pet & Kid Friendly

All of our products are manufactured in earthworm beds with natural organics and no artificial additives. Our castings are tested  at accredited Labs to ensure that they are safe for pets and children. 

Bob our cat, guarantees it!



The simple fact is that T.R.A.D. Worm Industries vermicast products were created by nature for the purpose of promoting optimum plant growth.

Everything required to provide what a plant needs is found in vermicast. When you concentrate this colorless, non-burning miracle of nature, the results are truly spectacular.


This is why we offer a money-back guarantee.

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