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Teacher Information School Vermicomposting Program

Our School Vermicomposting Program provides teachers and students of Medicine Hat & the surrounding area with the fun and educational opportunity to participate in vermicomposting!

The program has been set up for ultimate success while enabling the children of our community to actively engage in environmental stewardship! Vermicomposting is not only beneficial to our environment but is also a fun way to teach our future of tomorrow the power of worms!

Provided within the provided School Vermicomposting Program PDF, you will find transparent details about this amazing opportunity. 

School Vermicomposting
School Bus

Field Trip Tours
Come See What We Do!

Located just minutes outside of Medicine Hat, schools/classrooms can come and have some fun with us during a field trip to our location. Worms are essential to the survival of our planet. Field Trips are an awesome opportunity to introduce the children/youth to the uniquely environmentally friendly nature of our business. Sharing and educating others, especially kiddos, about our innovative approach to ultimate Environmental Stewardship is such a great reward!

The field trips include an educational, hands-on, and fun way to learn about the benefits of worm castings, vermicomposting, biology, and of course about our WORMS! During the visit, we engage the children through a variety of interactive activities, such as worm bed exploration, identifying all life stages of the worms and cocoons, demonstrating how we harvest the beds, microscopic micro-biology presentation, making casting extract tea bags etc... Each activity includes an educational lesson that is tailored to be best received at their learning level. 

As a result of our dedication to sharing what we do with others, the cost associated with field trips is $5/child. This price includes the entire visit, as well as, the casting extract tea bag that each child gets to take home!

Field Trip Tours
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