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Problems with the beds:


If there are lots of fruit flies in the beds you can either put a layer of wet paper over the top of the bed and/or place a little fruit fly trap beside the bed to kill the flies.


If a bed becomes very hot you can open the lid to let some fresh air in, or you can stir the bed with a small hand shovel or your hands.


If the bed is too cold, the worms will not eat anything, so to warm it up you can put them where more heat can get into the bed or you can lift the bed off the ground.


To reduce the amount of water adding small bits of paper is the most efficient way to reduce the moisture, you can also leave the lid off the bed.


This is very easy to fix - grab about a cup and a half of water and pour over the bed. Try to spread the water out across the bed, not just in one spot.

Fruit Flies

Too Hot

Too Cold

Too Much Water

Not Enough Water


1. An adult worm can grow up to 300 millimeters long - that's like 10 rulers!

2. Baby worms are born from a cocoon that's smaller than a piece of rice.

3. Worms can eat their own weight every day.

4. Worms breathe through their skin.

5. Worms have 5 hearts.

6. Even though you can't see them, worms have tiny hairs on their bodies that help them move through the soil.

7. Worms are older than dinosaurs.

8. The largest worm every was 22 feet long.

9. Baby worms are only 10 mm long.

10. Each cocoon can have up to 4 worms living inside them.

Fun Facts About Worms:

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