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ugh... My Birthday

So it was my birthday and it was a major one, I am a 1/2 a century old and that is really really REALLY lame. I remember looking at 50 year old's and thinking that they had their crap together and they knew what they were doing,they were sooooooo on it. Well here I am and here I say ugh, I am not one of those accomplished people! But maybe that is the point for me and maybe that is why I like soil and worms and microbiology. I am amazed that this world of soil is so slow to reveal its secrets, and like a aged fine wine I am going to throw my self in that baloney mix, I am slowing figuring out my own gong show. (lol or so I am telling my self.)

I guess the last thing I am excited to start my seeds this week and am working on a new germination soil mix. We are looking for 10 people who are starting seeds to try this new mix and give us some feed back. Give me a call, email or text if you are willing to take some pics, take some notes and give us honest feed back.

Happy almost spring!!!


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