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The love of planning...

So I have a lot of things on my plate, like a lot and I am very strict with my time. Both the productive and down time are equally valuable and I think the quote by Goethe " Every second is of infinite value" is the perfect analogy of my time. So this months theme of planning is so relative to me.

So is soil amendment planning as important as seed planning? Well to me it might be more important. Many crops like specific soil conditions. Lets say you plant any brassica, like cabbage, mustard etc you know that the introduction of mycorrhizal fungi is counter productive to their growth as their roots do not allow for colonisation. Crazy and a complete waste of money. Another thing I get asked is if the addition of nematodes and protozoa is necessary to control predation. Healthy soil has all of those micro organisms in it. Balanced soil regulates it self through the predator prey cycles. This video is interesting because it explains the necessity of predators in an ecosystem, in this case wolves, but it applies to all environments, soil included (Introduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park)

With so many variables in soil, crops, weather and seeds, the planning of soil amendments can become over whelming. So for me I aim for over all healthy soil and let the plant spit out the exudates that they want to get the nutrients that they need for roust growth. So our plan is simple, effective, easily planned and incorporated.

This is our plan here in our garden:

Late fall: Apply granular castings 30%

Spring: As soon as soil temp is +1 apply another granular casting at 30%

True leaf stages: water weekly or bi weekly with extract and sometimes heavier when fruiting is commencing. That's it that's all.

Any who... here is a new feature a promo code for next casting purchase

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Thanks for your time and happy planning!


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