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Spring Has Arrived.. Green Grass is Next!

Hi All!

Spring has finally sprung! We couldn't be more excited to see the cold weather and snow leave.... but now we are left with sad brown grass staring back at us everywhere we look. Gahh!

Grass/Turf Management has been the topic of conversation for the last few weeks around here. Soooo, I suppose, it's only fitting that we post a blog about Vermicompost Turf Management.

Vermicompost Turf Management sounds so technical and scary but it's not. In reality, it should be called EASIER THAN EASY Turf Management. What is meant is amending the turf/grass with castings. Two methods... put Granular Castings on top... &/... spray with Vermicast 'Tea' Extract. See it should really be called Easier than Easy because it's that easy!!!

Now, let's chat about the benefits of using a natural vermicompost approach vs. a traditional synthetic (fertilizer) approach....

  1. Beneficial Nutrients - Vermicompost is a natural soil amendment that is not only 100% safe for kids/pets but also contains all of the essential nutrients that plants need to be super duper happy and healthy!

  2. Beneficial Micro-Organisms - Okay this is important! Plants grow from the soil, so the soil needs to be happy, healthy, & fertile!! Vermicompost has the diverse micro-orgs. that the soil NEEDS!!!! It's the biology for the very alive plant!!!

  3. Moisture Retention - Vermicompost Soil Amendment increases the moisture retention in your soil! This means that you may have to water less each time or possibly even less often. We all like to save a little bit of money, especially when it comes to a utility bill.... so, this benefit is given a 5 star!!!!

  4. Improved Soil Aeration & Drainage - Castings are unique football-shaped, which add aeration and assists with drainage... If you have plants, you know about root rot, no one wants this to happen... we put a lot of effort, energy, & money into those plants... Grass is EXPENSIVE.. we need to take care of it, so we don't have to continue replacing it as the years pass!

  5. Growth - Feeding the right nutrients and amending the soil with the right micro-organisms will BOOOOST growth! This also Suppressed Plant Disease!

  6. Reduce insect pest attacks - yes yes yes, Vermicompost will reduce the amount of creepy crawlies and pesky pests in your lawn!

There is it people.... We vote that Vermicompost Turf Management is the bomb!

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