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Spring Gardening Anticipation!!!! Transplanting without worry!

Spring Gardening

Well, it's here everybody's favorite time of the year! The grass is green, the birds are chirping, and our indoor flowers/plants are starting to get a little too big for the pots we started them in. Our gardens are looking a little dull and we are itching to get our plants in the ground. This year I have an assortment of flowers, tomatoes, and peppers. My peppers didn't turn out to be too tasty last year, so I'm trying again. The good news is that all are getting too big for their britches (starter pots).

One of the biggest threats we gardeners face when we start from seed is the transplant and I was raring to go this weekend. My chokecherry was just about to flower and the cold hit again (of course). Good thing I didn't start transplanting from pot to garden. When I do, and I know this is gonna sound like a shameless plug for our worm casting, but any worm casting will do; it doesn't need to be a TRAD brand (but we biasedly recommend TRAD brand lol). I like to put a ¼ inch of worm castings down before I put my plant down. The reason I do this is that the castings help eliminate the chances of the roots going into shock. It also helps the plant get a healthy dose of nutrients and micro-bacteria that limits the shock a transplanted plant may experience. I have never lost a man when I do this extra step. It just ensures a healthier and more successful garden that (yes my garden looks better than the neighbors) but that's between you and me.

So good luck and hopefully in another week we will be in our gardens happy and maybe with a few beverages work on our tans. Good luck and good gardening. -Dane. C

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