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Ready, Set, Go..... ACTION in MOTION!

The last month around the farm has been action packed to say the least. We have been busy tending to the worms, filling orders for castings, brewing worm casting tea and tending to the needs of our clients lawn, gardens and trees. Along with all of that, we have numerous research sites that we are working closely on and we can’t forget about spending a week surrounded by goats.

The worm beds are full of life right now, we are always trying different combinations of food to feed the worms in order to produce the most biologically diverse castings, while maintaining the right balance for the worms to breed. Our feeding and breeding program is always being tweaked and we monitor what works and what doesn’t. Right now the beds are full of baby and juvenile worms which means if the conditions stay right, those juveniles will turn into adults soon and the breeding will start all over again. The more worms we have, the more castings we can produce! We always get asked if we sell worms, which we do, however we have to be choosy about when we do and how much we sell as we don’t want to deplete our squirms and upset the balance of our worm beds.

Although I haven’t been with TRAD for a full season yet, I have already started to see the benefits of worm castings transforming lawns, gardens and trees. It has been amazing to see new life in a lawn that was completely killed by being over sprayed for weeds with synthetics or diseased trees that have begun to show signs that the disease isn’t spreading further and new buds are growing. Hard to believe that worm poop can make such a difference in soil health!

The next month is looking just as action packed as this past one, I hope everyone has a great July and takes some time to get their hands dirty tending to your gardens or flowers! Until next time………..Jodi.

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