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Putting Summer To Bed

The last two weeks of August certainly have felt like the END OF SUMMER! As much as we don’t want to say goodbye to the summer heat and all the fun that goes along with the months of June, July, & August, our staff is ready to put our busiest season to rest. Our September them is: PUT TO BED! How fitting is that!!!

This summer was beyond crazy for us. It’s literally been a summer of wake spray hustle sleep repeat… We feel so blessed that TRAD has gained so many opportunities to share the benefits of castings with our community. On top of witnessing the rewards of regenerative reclamation, we got to meet some amazing people and continue to build our customer base. YAY OUR CASTINGS ARE AWESOME!!

This summer also brought us some wonderful summer staff, unfortunate for us they all left to return to school... but we are so excited for them to continue along their education journey… ohhhh the places they will go!

Anyways, we are all looking forward to the month of September before winter prep season begins …. stay tuned if you don’t know about why you should top dress your lawn/garden in the fall!!!

*SPOILER ALERT* the snow acts as an insulation and allows the microbiology to get the soils “summer body” ready!!! Fall applications = amazing spring growth

🌟 🪱🍂❄️ 💪🏻🌱 🌟

-September ☑️🔜

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