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Orange October - The One Word With No Rhyme

As October nears an end, we see more and more odd things! Our city is a current mix of Spooky Halloween decorations, awesome Fall home décor on front porches, and complete mixed up weather (MOTHER NATURE IS CONFUSED!). The mornings nearly require parkas, but mid afternoon is basically t-shirt weather. The air is humid and chilly, and holy is the wind in Medicine Hat constant this year (MIGRAINE CENTRAL). We are finding that this October is one of the most weather fluctuating month that we can remember; However, I dare say that we haven't yet seen any of that "white stuff" yet! If you ask me and the worms, we are okay with that!

Each month at TRAD has a theme October's is... RHYMES WITH ORANGE.

On Saturday, October 30th, we will be having our LAST home vermicomposting class of the year!! Spots are limited but there is still a few!!! How awesome is that... Halloween & Worms... Our Admin Woman (the one in PINK everyday) is so fantastic for starting up our annual Halloween Fun Fest! This will be our second year! whoop whoop go Julia!

This month we have been busy rushing around servicing the yards and gardens of our wonderful city residents with our awesome fall casting application (like how summer bodies are made in winter, superior spring lawn and garden growth is prepared in fall). With the mixed up weather, we are application our granular casting vs. our liquid extract. Both granular and extract are 100% awesome for plant and soil health and 100% safe for kids and pets!

Needless to say we are busy busy busy, but soooooo appreciative to all of you guys that support us!


WE WON THE SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! Yes, I nearly fell out of my seat and cheered so loud I think my husband lost his earing for the night! hahahha

Thank you so much to the Chambers of Commerce! We couldnt be happier for the support and recognition! WHOOP WHOOOPPPP! (still cheering and smiling ear to ear)

Anyways, long blog so I better cut it there.... Thank you sooo much!!

Have an awesome and safe Happy Halloween!

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