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Let do this!!!

So this covid virus has brought froward so many things both good and bad! I am spending "quality" time at home and really getting stuff done that I ignore when I am busy. Man I did not need to keep those grade 9 notes on Canadian government and ..... oh I trailed off there cause, yikes, boring. But what I did do that is awesome was to start seedlings. One of the earliest, quickest and easiest plants is radishes. In 3 weeks you can have a crop. How cool is that. I will let you into one of my childhood food memories... toasted homemade bread with sliced radishes and veggie salt. My Mom always planted radishes in her flower beds before she put flowers in them and those spicy little red balls of awesomeness were delicious. So do something easy and rewarding today and plant radishes in planters, containers or even in your flower bed and in 3 weeks, bam, you are a growing guru!

Happy Wormy Friday!


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