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Come on Spring ...

So one of my brothers has a saying ..."LET ER' RIP" and I think its about time that I took that saying and really leaned into it. So we are almost 4 years old as a company and it was brought to my attention by one of my business mentors that its time to graduate from being an side show oddity to a legit scientific business and that scares me. The realization that we as a company can affect positive change in how organic waste is perceived is amazing. And the responsibility of that is not lost on me. Am I up to the task? I believe that I am (some days less so than others) and

the amazing people that I get to daily work with defiantly are! What a wonderful time to positively infect some hope into the world that good things will be done! For us at TRAD its turning waste in to worm castings and growing amazing plants, for you it might be showing kindness to the kid that doesn't know how to use a zipper lane or scraping the ice from your neighbors walk way. Who knows but everybody has the potential to do good and that is a gift. Whoa ... am I having a menopausal moment cause I'm not usually this sappy but I guess it time in the world and the rebirth of spring right around the corner I am full of hopeful possibilities. lol


Oh ya we sell castings and they are awesome! Shameless plug

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