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New Year Resolution Revive

2022 is off to a wild racing start! We are already half way through this month and our operational preparations are chugging right along. In other words; our staff and the worms are working hard to get ready for the busy months of May-October.

During November and December, we got an opportunity to take a step back (a little bit anyways) from the daily demands. Rest, Relax, & Reset was the theme of December. Which was much needed! Now that January is here; we are feeling REVIVED! Yay!!!

This year, we are going to be continuing to provide all of our amazing customers with optimal products and service. While also continuously engaging in innovatIve Research & Development activities. We LOVE exploring, experimenting, and learning and the sky is the limit! whoop whoop 🎉

Needless to say, we are pumped for what 2022 has in store! Soooo.… STAY TUNED SO YOU WILL BE IN THE KNOW!!! If you don’t subscribe to our News Letters you will want to😉



Let’s All Have the Best Year Ever!!

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