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Soo.. with the recent shift in the weather, colder mornings, cool evening winds... lawn and garden overwintering has become a common conversation. We all want spring to come sooner than later and we all want our lawns to survive the cold months and thrive in the spring... WELLLL.. I have a secret... WORM CASTING AMENDMENT!

This summer T.R.A.D had the opportunity to provide some amazing people with our Liquid Casting Application service. All I have to say is wow!!! Every time I see the results of this amazing product and the true power of worms, I am blown away. That is why T.R.A.D. is now working on a super wonderful promotion, all we want to do is spread the worm super power!

Now lets talk about why we want to amend our lawns and gardens in the fall...

The introduction of vermicomposting extract allows the microbiology to acclimate. When the introduction is coupled with the fall/winter moisture and the installation properties of the snow blanket, the microbiology actively reproduces and participates in soil structure, available microorganisms, and diversity in organisms to improve early spring growth.

Okay, Okay, Okay, I know that that explain is pretty technical but the reason seriously deserves an encyclopedia description.

By using T.R.A.D. liquid casting amendment in the fall that brown wintery blah grass that appears in the spring wont be around for long. Spring growth with fall amendment will be lush, healthy, and over all better! Not to mention... that by amending your soil condition in the fall/winter those evil nasty weeds and pet spots will be a whole lot less pesky. Honestly, I could go on and on about why this is amazing but in a shorter method all I am going to say is, "YES, YOU NEED TO USE CASTING AMENDMENT THIS FALL!" Your neighbor might be using castings to winterize their lawn, do you really want to have the brownest grass on the block? I don't think so!

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